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Audiobook Solution

I have to admit when it comes to reading it is not normally something I do for leisure.  Both my boys however devour book after book, in an unrelenting wave.  Although we are often on our travels involving many hours in the car and reading printed word makes them travel sick. So it was quite clear for me that I needed an audiobook solution to keep them entertained on the road.

Enter BookBeat with it’s sleek mobile app.

Why BookBeat?

We have tried a couple of books on CD’s, which seemed to be well received.  But being limited to just one or two books the stories soon became repetitive.  With BookBeat you can listen to thousands of different stories, from the very latest to the classics. Once you have downloaded and installed the app (it’s really simple) you can stream the books.  You can even download them so they are available to you offline as well, the benefit here is you can really plan ahead. Whether it is for travel, holidays or a pre-bedtime read BookBeat has you covered.

What sets BookBeat apart, is the very simple pricing plan. Costing just £12.90 per month for unlimited reads and no cancellation costs.  It really sets its tone as the Netflix of the audio book world. The app itself is available on both Android and IOS which is great, in my case my elite I-phone friends can keep up with the same read as me!

Books for me

I was not totally sure how I would fair being as I haven’t really picked up a book since I left school! But do not worry if you are like me, after a few clicks into the app you are met with a whole range of suggestions to pick from.  Likewise if you know what you are after a quick search and away you go!

So my top three reads currently are:

  • A Song of Ice and Fire – Starting with Game of Thrones! A real must for any GoT fan out there!
  • Dracula – A real classic story, one that I really should have read by now!
  • The Everything Box – It’s caught my eye when surfing the categories – much the same as I do on Netflix finding things that whet my appetite.

Just with these few on my list it should keep me occupied for many a night!

Books for the kids

After all it’s not all about me and as a big fan of the peace in the car I have picked the following three to keep them occupied! Eldest has already asked for more audiobook time on top of his before bed reading!

  • Bad Dad – The boys really love David Walliams and I am sure they would love him to come on our adventures.
  • The Jungle Book – A classic story and one that both boys have seen as a feature film.
  • Mr Stink – Yes I know another David Walliams, but they boys simply love his books!  It’s great that BookBeat have such incredible authors!

There are so many titles to search through, download and listen to. One thing is for sure there is no shortage of choice!  Navigating the site is a breeze.  You can search through types of books or see if any of the bestsellers or featured books take your fancy.

For any of my lovely readers who want to give BookBeat a try, follow this link to get a free month trial rather than the standard two weeks!

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