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Garden Design

Our garden is uninspiring.  It’s just lots of tarmac with a couple of borders available for flowers.  Or in our case they are mainly filled with weeds!  The garden was designed to be practical.  All the grass was removed so that the previous occupants could park as many cars as possible!  We have a separate car park area so its unnecessary for us when we only own one car.

We don’t spend much time tending the garden and we really should make more of an effort.  The wife would like to see it greener.  Ideally, she wants me to dig up all the tarmac and lay turf.  The tarmac is hard to shift though.  I tried with a spade but made little progress, if anything the tiny bit I removed looks more of a mess.  I think we will need to hire a digger.  Other than softening the garden with grass we don’t have many more ideas.

Garden Design Trends 2018

I was looking at Garden Design Trends for 2018 to give me some advice.  As more of our house is coming along its time we extended out into the garden.  I have picked out my two favourite themes but do read the full article to see what design trend would suit your garden best.


Probably re-wilding would suit us best as its quite low maintenance.  Letting the garden look beautiful naturally, but also benefit from the fruit and vegetable that grows there.  It’s best to avoid chemicals so your homegrown food will be better for you!

We already like taking care of the birds that visit our garden.  But I think it would be nice to add more pollinator-attracting flowers to help out the bees too.

Indoor Garden

Bringing the garden indoors sounds quite promising too.  I like the fact plants have proven to help children in the classroom.  My two struggle to concentrate at times so I might have to surround them with plants when they are doing their homework to see if it helps.  Homework can be a real battle, so I am happy to try anything!

Plants can also improve air quality so are good for the health of everyone in the house.  My wife is an asthmatic, so this interests me.  Getting rid of the toxins in the house might mean she can cut back on her inhalers and breathe more easily.

If you give children responsibility for plants, it teaches them to be responsive to the needs of something other than themselves.

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