Optimise your website

Optimise your website

Since moving over to WordPress in October last year I have really taken a greater interest in my blog. I am doing more routine maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly.  I love blogging it’s a welcome break from my full-time job working in as a practice manager in a busy doctors surgery, I findRead more

How to Cope with a Young Baby


When you have a baby, along with all the joy and happiness that they bring, there are other things such as sleepless nights, crying and constant feeding. However, although this can be a challenging time, there are ways that you can make it bearable. What you need to do is establish a plan and use some outsideRead more

How to stop birthdays leaving you bankrupt

Birthday Cake

Birthdays are a wonderful time of year; turning another year older is reason for toasting to good health and marking the occasion. Yet, birthday festivities can leave you feeling a little penniless, what with all the gift-giving and partying — even if it’s your own birthday you’re celebrating! Birthdays can become even more of a financial cause for concern if you’ve got a family;Read more