Optimise your website

Optimise your website

Since moving over to WordPress in October last year I have really taken a greater interest in my blog. I am doing more routine maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly.  I love blogging it’s a welcome break from my full-time job working in as a practice manager in a busy doctors surgery, I find it very relaxing.  Also, it’s nice when I get more hits and followers joining my site. To keep growing it’s important to do a little bit of work behind the scenes.  It’s important not to rest on your laurels and find the best way to optimise your website.  There is so much to do it can be hard getting your head round it all.  Naturally content needs to be relevant to your audience and you might find it hard enough working on that, but don’t neglect the other side of blog ownership.

Broken Links

It’s very important to make sure you get rid of any broken links.  Broken links negatively impact your sites search engine optimisation.  It’s all about helping your users get a positive experience and if lots of links are dead it won’t be very good for them, so you get penalised for this.

Web Hosting

It’s important to find a company that can deliver optimum web hosting.  Speed is important you want your pages to load quickly and keep users happy.  Mine isn’t doing as good as it could in this respect.  My page server response is slower than I would like so perhaps I need to start investigating alternative website hosting.

Being Social

If you want to gain more followers, you need to grow your social media pages.  Make sure they link these to your site too.  The site optimiser liked that it could find an Instagram, youtube, facebook and twitter all associated with my website.  Engage in conversations online, see what hashtags are popular and perhaps run a competition or too to reward your loyal followers.

Site Usability

Make sure your site is optimised for mobile use, so the viewpoint matches the device size.  So many people use mobiles to navigate the web now your site needs to look its best.

Site Security

I was glad when the HTTPS redirect was sorted so that any information going to and from my site is automatically encrypted

Readability and SEO

When I moved over to WordPress I was excited to add the yoast plugin, so I could work on my readability and SEO.  Before this I tended not to put much thought into my chosen blog title or how well the article was written.  The plugin gives you suggestions, so you can make a much better job of writing posts.  With my free time I want to go over old posts prior to the migration and edit them.

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