Making our marriage work

Once our children arrived our relationship did change, even
with the best will in the world things aren’t quite what they used to be. You seem to be juggling so much more that it’s
hard to give yourselves the time and attention you both deserve. We still love each other that is
unquestionable we just get a bit grumpy at times.

We can’t even have a conversation when the kids are still up
as they want to know everything we are talking about and chip in with their
feedback and then when they are finally in bed we are so exhausted there isn’t
much of us left to go around. We just
want to collapse on the sofa and watch some mind-numbing TV or go to sleep.

But it’s important to find time for each other, showing each
other that you still care, it’s so easy getting caught in a trap when you’re a parent. All energy goes to your children (as it
should really your nurturing the future generations) although you need to carve
out a little time for each other.

How do we do this?

Little treats to show
you care

Why not order a bouquet of flowers delivered
to your partner to make them feel loved? 

If money is tight it doesn’t even need
to be a gift, just making them a cup of tea of an evening or warming their side
of the bed all make your partner feel like they matter.

Do jobs without being

I am happy to help in the house but I do require a lot of
prompting, if my wife gave me a list I would make sure it was done
(eventually!), but sometimes I think she just wishes I saw what needed to be
done and just did it automatically! Look
around the house right now and see what you can do to help!

Have a date night

Some people hate this term but for us its much needed downtime,
my in-laws babysit and we get to have a stress-free evening and morning without
the tension of wrestling our monkeys to bed or being woken at the crack of
dawn. We might not do much at all apart
from watch Netflix and chill but we get to enjoy the peace and quiet and be
ourselves. We even geek it up with board games at times, just find something you both enjoy and make the most of your free time.

Send each other
cheeky messages

Now our texts and emails are limited to grocery requests and
the boys schedules, if you can try and continue to send each other playful
messages like you did when you first got together.

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