Used Car? Watch Out For These!

Every driver wants that new-car feeling. Sliding into the front seat with squeaky new leather and new upholstery that fills the car with the scent of achievement is a bucket list item. The thing is, heading for the used car lot can honestly be a lot cheaper than buying a brand-new vehicle with zero mileage on the clock.

Buying a used car over a new one is a great way to cut the costs of your car from the very beginning, especially as a new car can lose up to half of its value the moment it drives off the forecourt! There are some excellent reasons you should go for a used car, especially as a used car is a great reason to look for how to get cheap car insurance. Start with buying with your head, and not your heart, so that you can make decisions on your car that make sense for you. There are a lot of positives to buying a used car, which is why the used car market is so big. However, just like with anything wonderful, there are some things you need to watch out for so that you aren’t spending your hard-earned cash on a dud. We’ve put together a list of things that you should be aware of when you go for your car purchase.

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  • Clocking. If you haven’t seen Matilda, you may not know what clocking is. It’s an illegal practice of dodgy dealers who manually wind the clock back on the odometer to fake increase the value of the car by passing it off as lower mileage. You can read here how to spot a car that has had its odometer tampered with.
  • Car Cloning. Sounds like a pointless exercise, but cloning is very real. Don’t worry, we’re not talking Dolly the Sheep science, we’re talking the dodgy practice of taking the license plate from the same colour, model and make of one car and adding it to another.
  • Cut & Shut. This is a particularly dangerous practice that can lead to death. The split remains of two or more cars that have been written off as scrap following an accident are welded together to form another car. This is then illegally sold to an unsuspecting buyer. The cosmetic work is intricate and outstanding, making it hard to tell. It’s for this reason that a car’s history is so important! Always do a car data check here before buying so you can have peace of mind.
  • Daylight Viewing. When you are buying your car, do it in the day in dry weather. You can’t check the condition of the outside of the car if it’s sodden from the rain, as water effectively hides dents and scratches which you will need to see! View the vehicle clearly in the light to get a good understanding of its condition.

Don’t be fooled by a good price tag. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!

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