Frighteningly Common Car Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore


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Most of us are usually quite expert at ignoring many of the things that can go wrong in a car. Sometimes, it might not actually be obvious that there is anything wrong at all. Perhaps there is a strange smell, or an unusual sound, but in those cases it can be so tempting just to pretend it’s not there. But this approach is not all that sensible, and it is worth remembering that it’s vital to keep on top of your car’s health, for the sake of your own safety and the safety of other road users. On top of that, there are some genuine problems which crop up quite commonly – and none of these should be ignored at all.


Check Engine Light


How many people do you know who have driven around with their check engine warning light on for months at a time? It seems as though we all know someone who has been guilty of this. However, it’s a good idea to never do this, as this can actually be one of the most severe problems your car can have at all. A check engine light points to the fact that there is something very wrong with the engine itself. It could just be that a spark plug is loose or needs replacing, but it could also be something much more dangerous. As soon as you see this, make sure you get your car to the mechanic.


Chipped Windscreen


It should come as no surprise to anyone that having a damaged windscreen is severely dangerous. But again this can be one of those which people ignore for far too long. A chipped windscreen can be caused by something as small as a piece of grit or stone, but no matter how small the chip might be it can soon become bigger and bigger. If left alone for long enough, it might even one day crack altogether – and that is not a situation that you want to find yourself in if you can at all help it. Of course, you can help it; seek out a professional windscreen chip repair service at your earliest convenience, and ensure that nothing terrible happens while you are driving.


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Squeaky Brakes

Once again, this is a problem so common that the noise of a squeaky brake is just something you expect to hear on the roads, any time of any day. But if your car’s brakes start to squeak too much, you should take your vehicle in for a service as soon as possible. A further warning sign for the deterioration of your brakes is if it starts to take a lot of foot pumping to put them into action. If that begins to happen, you really do need to think about going to the mechanics. There is no use leaving your brakes to worsen, as the consequences of doing so can be much direr than for many other problems you can have with your car.

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