Your Home Renovation Can Be More Environmentally Friendly With These Tips!

If your home no longer suits the needs of your family, a renovation might be in order. It can be much more convenient than moving house, but give you the space you need to live comfortably. Whether it’s an extension, a loft conversion, an orangery or a garden room, it all helps to maximise the room that you have. If you’re looking to both save money and look for ways to be kinder to the environment throughout your renovation, here are some of the ways you can go about it.

Use Recycled Materials

Bricks, wood, and metal, can all be bought second hand which has been salvaged from sites and other projects. This can save you a little money compared to buying new, and it also means these materials are being put to some good use as opposed to going to a landfill site. Plus, using recycled materials could help your home renovation look better. For example, you could find bricks that are a similar age and style to the ones your home is built from. This would mean any building work outside will look much more natural, rather than obvious new bricks.

Salvage What You Can

If you’re demolishing or removing things on your project, salvage what you can. Even if you don’t need the materials yourself, someone else may be able to make use of them rather than them simply going to waste. You could take things to a local recycling centre or call a company such as Bristol and Avon Group. They can remove things like soil and aggregates and allow them to be reused. Every time materials are used rather than wasted, it benefits the environment.

Choose the Right Insulation and Windows

Proper insulation and windows will make your extension, and your home much more environmentally friendly. Especially in the case of things like orangeries and conservatories, as they are predominantly made of glass it pays not to cut corners here. High-quality windows will keep the space warm in winter, save you money on your gas bill and be better for the environment. When you heat a home with gas and that heat escapes right out of the window, fossil fuels at the power companies are being burned unnecessarily.

Use Low VOC Products

VOCs are ‘volatile organic compounds.’ These have high vapor pressures and can affect both your health and the environment. Many products from paints to carpets to laminate flooring to mattresses can be high in these. You can do your bit for the environment by ensuring that the goods you buy are low in these compounds. You’ll be able to find out by doing some digging and researching the brand. By supporting low VOC companies, you create more of a demand for them which is good news in the long run.


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Do you have any renovations planned for your home in 2017? Will you be adopting any of these practices to make sure it’s a little kinder to the environment?

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