The Things You Mustn’t Forget When Selling a Home


Selling your home is a daunting task. In all likelihood, your home is the biggest financial asset you have, both in terms of size and value. And it’s certainly the one to which you’re going to be more emotionally attached.

So if you’re going to go through all of this pressure, then you may as well get the best price you can, right? Or, at least, you’re going to want to ensure you don’t end up in legal trouble With that in mind, let’s run through a few of the things a lot a homeowners forget about when they’re looking to sell a home.


Energy performance

A lot of people actually forget about this, mostly because people who are looking to buy or rent property often forget to inquire about the energy prices! But not only is it important and useful information to have regardless, it’s also a requirement of the law that you get an energy performance check! So it’s not exactly something you should risk overlooking.

If you’re working with an agent, then they’ll usually be sure to get this sorted out. If you’re selling the home independently, don’t forget to get yourself an Energy Performance Certificate for the property. This shows potential buyers how much it will cost, approximately, to power the house with gas and electricity for the next few years.


Alleviating legal issues

There are a lot of other legal areas you need to consider. Mortgages, transactions, leases, landlord and tenants laws, equity and ownership transfers… there’s a lot you need to think about! And as the seller of the property, a lot of the legal responsibility are going to fall on you.

If you don’t do a lot of this properly, you can run into some real trouble down the road. Making sure that both your property and all the contracts you’re drafting up meet the necessary legal standards can be a complex and time-consuming process. You may want to work with conveyancing lawyers to make everything run a bit smoother. The right legal assistance can make all the difference, and is pretty crucial if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing in these areas.


A sense of space

So many people looking to sell a home forget to actually take the “home” out of the property! What you need to do is make the place look as depersonalized as possible. Remember when you first bought the property? Before you got all of your stuff moved in? (And then bought even more stuff over the years!) You were probably looking at a house that was pretty bare. Maybe there were even echoes whenever you spoke. You need to get the property back to this state.

Make a point of removing as much stuff as you can. If you’ve got another property, start moving stuff into the other property. If you’ve got a friendly neighbour who is willing to house a few big items when you have people coming to view the property, take advantage of this. And certainly hide personal mementos like family photos!

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