Do You Really Need To Move House? Space-Creating Solutions That May Change Your Mind

Are you thinking of moving because there simply isn’t enough space at home? Are you tired of having nowhere to escape and watch TV in peace or are the kids too old to share a room? Have you decided to work from home or set up a new business, or are you eagerly awaiting a new addition? If you’ve run out of space, it’s logical to consider moving to a larger property. But what if you love your home? Before you make any hasty decisions, here are some space-creating solutions you could consider.

Adding a shed, log cabin or garden room

Have you got acres of space in the garden? Are you sick of tripping over Lego pieces or desperately trying to concentrate while working on the kitchen table? If so, you could look into creating a new room in the garden. There are lots of different structures you could look at, including glorified sheds, log cabins, and garden rooms. These options make excellent studies, studios and chillout areas for adults and older children. The price varies hugely, so get some quotes, and check out planning restrictions before you start shopping around.

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Extending into the garden

If you love your house, and space is its only drawback, an extension may solve all your problems. Adding an extension enables you to create an additional reception room and an extra bedroom upstairs. You could also consider options like making the downstairs open plan, and using the extension as a large family kitchen-diner. If you’re thinking of adding an extension, you’ll have to apply for planning permission. You’ll also need to make sure you can cover the cost of the build. Contact some local firms and get some quotes, and go online and use a building estimator. Make sure you have a full written breakdown of costs, and you understand what you need to pay when before you go ahead.

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Converting the loft

Lofts are useful for storage, but they also come in handy if you’ve got a space dilemma. Even a relatively small attic could house an extra bedroom or a home office, which frees up room on the first floor. Loft rooms tend to be bright, and there are some incredible design ideas and tips online if you’re struggling to see beyond the dust. With any building project, it’s wise to get expert opinions, and a series of quotes before you decide which firm to go with. Don’t just go for the first price you get. You may find that another company offers innovative ideas, as well as more competitive prices.

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Moving house can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be stressful, and emotional. If you love your house, but you’ve outgrown it, even the thought of moving is likely to be upsetting. Sometimes, there are ways that you can adapt your home to provide more space. It’s worth considering all your options before you decide whether or not to move. You may find that it’s possible to enjoy more space and stay in your dream home.

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