Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Renovation

Improving your home can seem like a lot of hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are thinking of updating a room or even your whole house, check out my dos and don’ts of renovation.


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Do plan the look before you start

It’s no good saying that you are going to renovate a room, without having a specific plan of what you want it to look like and what jobs need doing. Renovating without a plan is a recipe for disaster! 

You can draw up your own plans or get a designer to do it for you. You need to think about the space and how you are going to use it. Also consider what work needs to be done in the room, like knocking walls through or putting in skylights, to get it up to scratch. The colours and then finishing that you will use in the room.

Don’t renovate unnecessarily

Before you begin your renovation, you need to think carefully if the renovation is truly necessary. Renovations are hard work and cost a lot of money. They involve days or weeks of inconvenience as you are dealing with the building work in your house. Is it worth all that for the look that you want? Would it be better to move to a house to somewhere that was better suited to your needs? Or would a lick of paint and some new accessories give you the desired effect?

Do work out what parts you can do yourself

To keep some of the costs of renovations down, you can do some of the jobs yourself. Painting the walls and hanging curtains are relatively easy to do if you have the right equipment.

Don’t be afraid of employing professionals

Renovation can be tricky. It can be a bit of machismo thing, to do all the renovations yourself, but do you have the time, energy and experience to knock down walls, put in skylights, and do the plumbing and electrics? If you love the idea of a renovation but find yourself lacking in time, employing a specialist like is a magnificent idea. They can help you at every stage and cut the hassle of renovating your home.

Do set a budget

One of the most important things in a renovation is to set a budget. Any building and decorating work in your home can turn out to be more expensive than you first thought. Often something unforeseen comes up, so make sure that you include a budget buffer zone for those unexpected issues that arise.

Don’t go over that budget

It seems like the most simple advice in the world, but seriously once you have set a budget, with a buffer, don’t go over it. Its is so easy to be distracted by attractive fixtures and fittings that can put your budget way over. Remember the more you spend on this room, the less you will have to do the other room in the house.

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