Designing your ideal en-suite


We have recently finished work on our master bedroom. However we are still waiting to finalise our plans for the en-suite. It has been a real struggle over the past years with only having one bathroom. Especially since when we bought the house it had four!

As I am so excited to get our en-suite up and running it could be tempting just to rush the job to get the immediate benefit. However I want to ensure I utilise the space efficiently while making sure it’s usable.

Shower or Bath

For me while it would be lovely to have a bath, I am certain a Insignia shower would be best in terms of space. Although I will be going for a larger walk in version. It has been too long since we have had a shower in the house. Currently just having a quick wash means having the time to wait for the water to heat and run a bath! I have to think about the type of shower we install. Some people like a plumbed in one but for me as we have an oil boiler an electric one will mean we can still shower if we run out of fuel!


When we cleared the rooms out the en-suite had a really big double radiator. This will be replaced by a sleek heated towel rail. I always like the feel of a soft warm towel when I get out of the shower. I plan to install an additional small electric wall mounted heater too, as a back up if the oil does run out.

Vanity Units

As space is such an issue having separate shelving is simply not an option. Opting for a suite that has vanity units will be a must for our en-suite. Although some people have said maintaining and replacing can be more difficult. Since we leave things like this to the experts, I really don’t see this being an issue. And that being out weighed by the extra storage we would have available to us.

Flooring and Walls

Having stayed away from home a fair bit of the last couple of years, it has given us the chance to see all kinds of different combinations in bathrooms. I think we have settled on shower walls rather than the classic grout and tiles. This is mainly down to keeping it looking cleaner for longer.  You generally find grout becomes grubbier over time. As for the flooring I will probably opt for laminate wood flooring that I can lay myself. Although I am a little weary due to water damage so I might choose lino that I can get someone else to pop in and lay!

One thing is for sure I will have to get the professionals in to help me with this project! I cannot wait until we get this final section of the master bedroom finished so we can move in and not face such long queues to use the bathroom!!!

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