Plans for the Master Bedroom

Our home is currently very much work in progress. Because of this we have had lots of creative freedom as we are starting from scratch. Walls have been bashed down, ceilings removed, it’s all very chaotic and dusty but exciting too. I don’t think we quite realised what we were taking on four years ago when we fell in love with this rundown property.

Our master bedroom we are tackling next, its currently in a sorry state. The size of the bedroom is great as its two rooms made into one large one but after the main renovation work it needs to be made beautiful again!

We had to have a structural engineer calculate the load and have a reinforced beam to support the weight of the two rooms becoming one. It’s not been a cheap process but am hoping when we see the room decorated all the money spent will seem worthwhile.

I want our master suite to be quite grand and have been looking at different options to make it stand out. I was looking at Luxe Water Walls and they look quite dramatic, they really catch your eye but also seem to be quite calming, a peaceful visual display that might help soothe us off to sleep. I wouldn’t choose for it to cover the whole wall but rather have a smaller one, so it wouldn’t overpower the room. I am keen that we draw the eye, not visually overwhelm.

I love the flexibility you have with colours too. Whatever theme we pick I know there will be a Luxe Water Wall to compliment it. I think the sound of the water would improve our quality of sleep, it’s one of those sounds that is often associated with relaxation and stress relief. My job is quite pressurised with lots of responsibility so when I come home I want to be able to switch off and unwind as quickly as possible.

Being near water can apparently make you feel happier and healthier so if you live in a land locked area investing in an indoor waterfall is one way to unlock its positive effects. The gentle movement of water and sounds give the brain much needed downtime.

We will also think carefully about the colour choices we make for our bedroom, we want to stick to something quite neutral, but still warm and uplifting. I look forward to showing you how we get on in due course.

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