Birthday Ideas For The Geeky Gamer In Your Life

Geeky Gamer

If there’s a geeky gamer in your life, then there’s one thing that you’ll know is true: gamers are dead serious about their hobby! So when it comes to their birthday, they’re unlikely to be satisfied by the usual presents and activities. They’ll be appreciative, of course, but is that all you want from them on their birthday? No! Instead, you want them to be overwhelming with gratitude. And the best way to do that is to build their birthday plans around their passion. Below, we show you how.

Tickets to a Convention

If you were a music lover, you’d love to be surprised with tickets to, say, Glastonbury, wouldn’t you? It’s the same for gamers. But instead of camping in a field and staying up until the early hours watching world-class bands, they want to mingle with their fellow gamers at a convention. While there, they’ll be able to hear talks from industry leaders, get an insight into the future of gaming, and try their hand at playing against other players. Get them tickets, sort the transportation, and book a hotel. You can even go yourself if you think you’d enjoy it!

Upgrading the Tech

There’s a common problem amongst gamers: there is plenty of cool tech they could have, but they just can’t afford to buy them (or justify buying them when there are mouths to feed). Why not take care of this problem by buying them one of the must-have pieces of tech for their birthday? Check out, and you can see which gaming chair might be the right choice for them. You could also upgrade their monitor, headphones, and the other essential gamer items. Have they talked about an aspect of their kit that might need replacing soon? That could be the way to go.

The Next Great Game

Give a sports lover a football, and they’ll be away. It’ll only need to be replaced once it’s well-used or lost. With a gamer, it’s different. There are always new games coming out, and your geek wants to have them in their life! If you’ve been paying attention, then you should have an understanding of the type of games they like to play. Why not take a read of some of the most famous gaming blogs, and see which game is currently receiving buzz?

A Themed Birthday Party

If they’re social as well as a gamer, then why not host a gaming related birthday party? You can decorate the house with gaming memorabilia, serve special drinks, and have everyone come dressed as a character from a video game. They’ll love all the effort you’ve put in, and you also get to dance the night away. Perfect!

A Marathon

Finally, we know they’ve probably been asking you to play for a long time…this could be your chance to get involved! There are few things more enjoyable than having another person join in with something you love. Perhaps offering your time will be the best gift you can give them!

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