Fancy yourself a Trackday?


I have been driving now for over ten years. I was late to the game passing my test when I was 25, although that had it’s benefits when it came to insurance. Over the years I have always fancied taking my driving skills further.  I was once lucky enough to have Subaru XV for a couple of weeks. Sure it’s a family cross over but I got to take it on a proper off road course. Since then I am really keen to experience more thrilling driving sessions, so much so I have started to look at booking a trackday!

One of the best options here has to be at our countries historic Silverstone track. But I am sure I have lots to learn before I undertake something like this, such as what is understeer and how to control your vehicle effectively at speed. Along with how to correct your out of control or skidding vehicle, although I had a little experience of the latter since we have had this awful weather!

So once I have got a little more experience under my belt here are my top three trackdays.

Radical Passenger Experience

This option is a good one to start me off before going solo!  I can see some of the action but don’t feel quite ready to hit the circuit myself I could always book a fast paced passenger experience to get some valuable hints and tips before moving on to the next trackday.

Premium Lamborghini Trackday

When I was growing up I always fancied a Lamborghini, so for me it could be a little bit of childhood nostalgia.  But I would love to have a full on session around the track. This option is quite expensive but includes everything you might need from insurance to your very own driver coach. This means you will get feedback on how to improve your driving!

Ultimate Stunt Driving Experience Half Day

In the past I had a couple of wild friends who loved doing donuts in their Nissan Skyline, I have not been one to push the boundaries here.  For one the wife would be tutting in the background telling me to ease off the accelerator and drive sensibly.  However I would love to have the chance to really step things up in the driving seat. Somewhere I can be taught tricks on a one to one basis, in a safe environment so I can really enjoy the experience!




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