How to Design the Perfect Entertainment Area in Your Home

Entertainment Area

Designing your own ideal entertainment area is something to take your time with to create the best outcome. After all, you don’t want to have to do it twice over. Focusing on a few important details means that you’re only left dealing with the minor ones, which are more cosmetic than anything else. 

Here are a few tips on how to create an entertainment area for your home.  


One thing you do not want to worry about is the sound level in your entertainment area. When you have surround-sound speakers, the volume turned up high and the bass reverberating, the last thing you want is a knock on the front door with the neighbor complaining.  

Adding some soundproofing materials avoids the music or movie soundtrack traveling through the walls to other parts of the house, or out to other buildings not on your property. The best way to do this is adding padding to the walls with soundproofing foam to absorb sound. Also, rubber mats can be included with the standard flooring to deaden the sound echoes at the floor level. 

Comfortable Seating 

There’s nothing like installing comfortable seating when you want to relax and enjoy your latest reality TV episode, movie, or concert showing on Netflix. That may mean putting in sofas to snuggle up with a loved one, individual reclining armchairs for the ultimate in single seating decadence, or a mixture of the two.  

Adding plenty of plush cushions, soft rugs, tables for drinks and snacks, and other little extras to make the space both functional and comfortable is well worth it. Also, look for décor ideas at to see get some additional inspiration.  

Adjustable Lighting 

Putting in a lighting system that you can control via the TV or at least on a remote makes it simpler to change the illumination level depending on the time of day or what you’re watching. Getting engrossed in a movie is easier to do when the lights are off and you can get absorbed completely in the performances. The better lighting systems let you adjust the illumination in different parts of the room or to provide different colored lights to switch to a cooling green or red hue instead of eye-draining white LEDs. 

TV or Projection Screen Size 

The appropriate size of a TV or projection screen depends on the size of the viewing area and where the seating is arranged. While you don’t necessarily need the largest screen size to be happy, you don’t want something small enough that you regret the purchase decision. With a projector screen, do bear in mind that you’ll need the lights completely off to view the image perfectly, which can be a little restrictive when using the entertainment area during the daytime.  

In terms of color scheme, that’s more of a personal thing. You want to ensure that the different elements blend well together before making any significant purchases though. We’d suggest planning everything out first, then embarking on creating your perfect home entertainment area for best results. 

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