Are You Driving Like In An Action Film?


Mission Impossible. James Bond. Fast and Furious.

Do you know what all these films have in common – except for making us dream of an adventurous and exciting lifestyle? They are action films and encourage action driving. But contrary to the common belief, driving like a action hero has nothing to do with pushing your car to the limit. In fact, if you were to ignore the special effects and stunt materials in these films, most action hero drivers go through a selection of car in any movie, not because the production wants to show off different makes and models but because no car can survive action stunts.

Consequently, it appears essential to get back to reality. Unless you’ve got an infinite supply of money and an indestructible body, driving like an action superhero is probably the last thing you want to do. Instead, focus on becoming your local driving hero, the person who can keep his car running longer than anybody else.

You know that functionality beats speed

Fast cars are the stuff dreams are made of. In fact, unless you’re a multimillionaire who can afford his own racing track, you’ll be surprised to know that supercars are not fun to own. Indeed, most powerful vehicles are banned for driving, making them road illegal in most countries. The reason why they’re banned is because they are unsafe in regular traffic. Consequently, if you want to buy a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento or a TVR Sagaris, think twice before saving your money. Unless you have a private track, there’s no point buying any of these iconic action cars. Instead, you could buy a car that has all the fun of the action and yet all the safety and comfort you need on the road, by asking the expert advisers from Saxton 4×4 for the best Land Rover options. Ultimately, if you want to feel like a superhero, you need a car that is functional and that can handle any road. Not a car that drives too fast for your own good!

You know how to prevent damage

Forget about fast drivers in films. You need to slow down and think about your car if you want to become a driving hero. And thinking about your vehicle begins on the road. Potholes are common on old roads, and they can cause severe damages if you’re not careful. So, take your eyes off the speedometer and focus on the road. Sure, driving fast to loud music seems more appealing, but paying repair bills is no fun at all. The more you concentrate on the road, the more you can break out of bad habits, such as breaking hard and late.

You can fix your car

Last, but not least, there’s no point owning a car if you can’t perform the necessary quick repairs. From changing a wheel to checking your breaking pads, a good driver is someone who understand their vehicle. You don’t want to be one of those car owners who bought an expensive luxury car but don’t know how to look about it.

Of course, fast driving and exciting stunts are appealing. But if you want to become a superhero on the road, be the careful driver who gets to live. What action films don’t show is that reckless driving can be devastating for the car and the persons in it.

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