New Year Hobbies with the Kids

New Year Hobbies

As we are entering the second month 2018, I am keen to pick up a couple of new year hobbies. Ideally I need to rope in the boys too as I have little free time without them.

So here are some possible options:


I have always wanted to try paintballing. We have as a family tried laser tag a few times which is great fun and a really good way to team build. But with paintballing its more realistic, you have extra adrenaline that can come from being physically hit by the paint balls.  This could prove to be even better, although I am not a fan of pain. I was a little worried that I would struggle to find Kids paintballing but there are a few centers around that offer either 8 – 11 or 10 – 16 sessions.  So that’s both the boys covered!

As we often visit London for various events throughout the year, I am sure we can plan to fit in some well earned paintballing in London sessions.


When I was younger I did a fair bit of go-karting, it was such a rush especially when I was lapping some of the guys that were a lot older than me! Both my boys have tried karting with me before but not entirely on their own. I would love to hit the track against them both and see how they fair.  They have both had supervised driving lessons at one of the young drivers centers dotted around the UK, so they might well surprise me. Luckily we have a few places to go that are relatively close to get to.


New Year Hobbies

Taking some of their love of the computer game Fornite out of the house.  It might well be quite fun to take the boys out for some target practice. I have always been fond of trying out archery, picking up and bow and arrow to ace the perfect shot. We have had the chance to try a few shots at some family festivals we have been to over the years and the boys have always seemed to take to it!  They seem to have a steady head and a good eye for it!

When it came to me having a go I am pretty keen to get a bullseye within a couple of releases, so this is definitely my firm favourite. The only problem I can foresee is the boys not wanting to play alongside me if I am beating their score.


When the boys go to college they may well pick up a cue and play a few games at the local bar or join a team. I thought it might be helpful to get them interested in the game sooner rather than later so they can improve their skill and show their friends what they are made of. It sure would have helped me in the past! I have tried to get the boys into pool about a year ago but they didn’t get on too well with the cue, now they are that little bit older I think they can more than cope!


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