Lifestyle Hacks to Get Fit and Healthy

We all know by now that the way to a long and happy life is to eat a healthy diet, drink less alcohol, cut out the cigarettes and exercise; but sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated to stick to a healthy regime and fitness schedule.

If you want to succeed in achieving your goal weight and improve your general fitness, try to recruit the whole family into your new healthier eating plans. Your children and wife will benefit from eating healthier foods, whether they need to lose weight or not. By having the whole family on board, they will be able to support you other on this journey.

Meal times 

Stick to regular meal times, the earlier, the better; lunch should ideally be between 12.30pm and 1pm, and dinner between 6pm and 6.30pm. Studies have shown that eating late increases a type of fat in your blood known as triglycerides. Unused calories are converted into triglycerides which increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. Eating earlier ensures that you have the opportunity to burn off the calories you consumed in the meal.

Slow Down 

Try to make sure that the meal times involves the whole family. It is important to have this downtime as a family, so there is a time for everyone to talk about their days, which also aids to slower eating. Eating on the hoof means that you are more likely to eat off plan and binge. If you sit down and relax during meal times, you are more aware of the food you are putting in your mouth, and your body has time to digest the food and tell your brain when you are full. This is a very important aspect to eating meals correctly; if you are rushing around, then your body cannot process the signals to the brain.

Portion Size

You do not need to pile your plate high with food, it is your choice to, but we live in a society that places great importance and judgement on visual value. To avoid feeling like you are short changed at meal times, use a smaller plate: visually it will look the same but the volume will be reduced, and you will not feel deprived.


How you frame your attitude about food and fitness in your head is essential to success. While you are using a mind trick with the smaller plate, and playing with your perception of the amount of food you have, you can also apply other methods to help you on your way.

Accept, Understand and Repeat 

You need to accept and understand that you can eat exactly what you want and when you want, or you can be thinner and healthier. There is no other way; it’s this way or the highway.

You need to understand that every little snack does matter. You may just be having the crumbs of a cake, and there will be very few calories in them, but it is the fact that you are feeding the habit. Every time you have even a crumb, you are giving in, and you will feel your morale being eaten away. Every time you reject the craving of the habit, your resistance is getting stronger, and you are more likely to succeed.

Get up in the morning and repeat to yourself a positive affirmation. In spite of our brain being such a complex organ, it is easy to rewire it. Affirmations are a proven method of brain rewiring, and they raise the level of feel good hormones. You do not have to say them out loud, you can do them while you are having a shave in the morning – just make sure you do them; I am the architect of my life, I build its foundation and choose its contents; or, I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.


Staying motivated to stick to a fitness plan can be tricky. It is hard to schedule fitness into a busy life where you have work and family commitments that take priority. What are you hoping to achieve through increasing your fitness level? Manage a chronic condition? Boost your energy? Lose weight?

Write down what you want to achieve, the benefits of regular exercise, and how you are feeling on a regular basis. Having a record of how you are feeling can help you track your progress and be a great motivator. You need to set yourself achievable goals in order to stay motivated. If you set your goals to an unrealistic level, all you will achieve is frustration.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for completing exercise sessions – take a few minutes out and relish in the feel-good factor that exercise provides. Hitting targets and achieving goals can be celebrated with a pair of new workout trainers or headphones, do not let this achievement go unrewarded, you’ve worked hard for it!

One way to motivate yourself is by using technology to track your fitness. Having a record of routes, strategies to improve, and times are a great motivator, and there are plenty of options on the market. Check out reviews of the top 10 Golf GPS Watches 2017, to choose a watch that can measure your success and help you to achieve those goals. Once you have reached them, extend them; this way you will always be able to have a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Look at your previous attempts at fitness. Identify why you think they failed. Quite often, the problem lies with the type of fitness you have tried. If you really do not like fitness classes at gyms or lifting weights, try something else. Think outside of the box. You may find that combining sport with a social side is the answer, don’t dismiss sports because they are not as cardiovascular as others – what about golf? An 18-hole game of golf burns at least 900 calories, works those core muscles and the average game sees players walk 5 miles. Look out for social clubs that you can join, and mix up fitness with socializing.

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