How To Reward Your Dog For Good Behavior

Your dog isn’t always on his or her best behaviour, and that’s why you want to make it a big deal when they do impress you. There are many different ways to display your love for your pet. It’s a personal preference how you wish to show your dog that they acted properly. 

Be mindful only to recognise positive behaviours, and you’ll soon see a lot of the negative ones disappear. It’s a great situation for both you and your pet to be in. Whatever you do, make sure their positive moments don’t go unnoticed. See how to reward your dog for good behaviour. 


One way to show your pet they’ve done an excellent job is to take them out on a long walk or run. Bring your pet with you outside and let them roam around and get some exercise. Another idea is to take them in the backyard or to the dog park and let them burn off some energy. They’ll love you for it. Chase them around, and you’ll even start to break a sweat. Playing together is a great way to bond and show them you care. 


As soon as your dog displays good behaviour, give them a mouth-watering treat they’ll love from Betsy Farms. These treats are made with delicious, American-raised chicken and are high in protein. They’re also wheat free. Using the best ingredients made in the USA, you can be confident your dog is receiving a high-quality treat they’ll love, and you’ll feel good about. Every dog enjoys a tasty treat. Give them the best ones around to show them that you’re really impressed with their behaviour. 

Good Food 

Go out and buy your dog some of the best food that’s out there for them. Remember to slowly switch the new food over from their previous kind of food so that they can get used to it. Another idea is to feed your dog some real chicken or beef as a special occasion treat. This is easy if you’re already cooking a meal or putting meat on the grill. They’ll definitely understand that they were a good pet and will love the flavorful upgrade in food for the evening. 

New Toys 

Another great way to reward your pet is to head to the pet store and buy them a few new toys. Introduce them one at a time as they show you positive behaviours. They’ll love you for it and will be instantly stimulated by the brand new toy. Play fetch or chase with your dog and have them work to get it from you. It’s a playful way to make your pet work for the toys. 


Your pets mean a lot to you, so it’s only understandable you want to put them in the spotlight when they act appropriately. Always be ready to grant them with an acknowledgement of how they’re acting, so they know to keep it up. This is how to reward your dog for good behaviour.

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