Next Base 512GW Dashcam Review #dashcam

As a family we clock up a fair few miles a year travelling around the UK, with so much driving falling solely at my feet it often gets me to thinking about the near misses that can occur on your journey, that are completely out of your control I might add!

The problem being that without proof of how or what caused an accident you can quite quickly have a case of your word against theirs, so for me I was only to happy to jump at the chance to review the Next Base 512GW Dashcam!

The main features of the camera are:

  • 1440p Quad HD Camera
  • Polarising filter to reduce glare
  • Integrated GPS
  • Wide 140 degree viewing angle
  • Intelligent Parking Mode
  • 3″ LCD colour screen
  • 12-24Vdc compatible charger

I have made a quick video review so you can see just how easy it was for me to install and use, I also outline some of the most important features, along with a short bit of actual camera footage!

The software of which you get both windows and mac that comes with the camera is a lot better than I thought it would be, the overlay shows you the time, date, speed and co-ordinates of the journey. The camera logs you journey and within the software plots your trip on google maps! 

For me the camera itself was so simple to install what with the quick mount you can simple grab the camera off as and when you need to do a download, but you don’t have to always take the whole thing in, you can just pop the memory card out or use the smart phone app (which is free of charge.) The device is currently available from Halfords with an RRP of £149, there is an offer on at the time of writing which offers 15% off!

I’m sure even a novice could set this up in no time, meaning you have plenty of time to plan your next outing!

This camera has definitely improved upon other models I have tried and firmly places at my number one, in fact with the great viewing angles I am certainly tempted to get another so I can record the rear view of my car! 

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