How to rock a blazer outside the office

Summer is always a time when dressing to impress is made a little harder. The weather’s great, but the lack of layers means there’s even more to think about when it comes to making your personal style shine. Having talked it out with friends and family and looking around online for inspiration, it seems the humble blazer could well be the answer.

Men’s jackets do more than you might think in bringing some style to proceedings and can change the entire look and feel of an outfit if worn the right way. While the suit might be a go-to, there’s plenty to be said for taking the suit blazer alone and combining it with a few more laidback style options as well. 

Poolside class 

We’ve all seen the adverts that feature a guy in fits of laughter by the hotel swimming pool, wearing casual summer style pieces topped off with sunglasses and a straw hat. In terms of rocking that style yourself, it’s actually turned out easier to do than I thought. Whether cool chinos or khaki shorts, sandals or trainers, all that really counts is the blazer and loose shirt combo. Every guys’ summer wardrobe needs this, just as much as I need an exotic holiday to wear it on. 

Out and about 

Look around when you’re next at an event with a ‘smart-casual’ dress code and you’ll see a massive range of interpretations. This is where the blazer is my hero. If I want to wear my Iron Man tee-shirt and some baggy jeans and trainers, I can, because with a blazer on top it’s instantly smart-casual. It’s genuinely the get out of jail free card for the out-and-about world. It could be a date, it could be a night out with friends. The blazer clinches it every time, whether you tuck in your shirt or not. 

Vintage flair 

Maybe it’s because every man, deep down, wishes they were in The Sweeney, but there’s something to be said for a rollneck and blazer combo, among other old-school looks. The more modern variant for colder months is a zip-up fleece with a blazer over the top, which can also let you stay warm without having to resort to your knackered jacket or a unwieldy overcoat. Elbow patches on your blazer are optional but definitely add a gentlemanly air, while the Tu men’s blazer selection also offer a wide range of styles that include herringbone, check and ponte finishes. 

Punk it up 

Punk’s back in style, or so they say, and a big part of the look outside of shredded shirts and spikes is the black blazer. Scatter badges all over the lapel and you’re halfway there, even if your other style options are tamer by comparison. Or if you prefer, there’s even the chance to spruce it all up with patches and loud, proud logos. 

All in all, I’ve a lot of love for the humble blazer. It’s more versatile than you think, so dust it down and don’t relegate it to suited and booted days only.

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