How to keep your interiors fresh #interior

I must admit that I am gaining some sense of satisfaction from what we have achieve during our house renovation. So much so we are beginning to look into a second property to overhaul and rent out. However with the potential of a second property what simple means do we have to freshen up the interiors while still keeping to a modest budget?


It is relatively easy, quick and cheap to repaint a room, especially if you are doing the work yourself, however ensure you do a proper job including the woodwork if needed and the result will be a brighter and more attractive room, by using colours that reflect the light will add to the airiness of room.

Natural Light

If you are struggling with adequate lighting this could be simply remedied by adding in VELUX roof windows this will allow additional natural light and also aid with ventilation, this can be particularly effective if you have sloping ceilings or loft rooms that need that little extra feeling of space!


I simply love laying flooring, for me although it is not the cheapest of tasks to undertake, the transformation it will have on any room is immense, by ensuring you pick the correct colour match it can really lift a room, making it seem much more roomier than it really is which is essential when freshening up your interior! 


For any great interior refresh you have to take stock of what you have in the room. Does everything have it’s place? Is the furniture to big or small for the room? Can you update the furnishings within budget? These are all the questions you should be asking yourself, sometimes by just reshuffling the furniture you can meet your need to freshen up. Some of the furniture could be showing signs of wear, by replacing those tatty cushions or purchasing new covers for your dining room chairs are inexpensive ways to brighten a room!

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