What You Need to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

When a big life-changing event like relocation, marriage, divorce, or even death takes place, self-storage units often become a necessity for the in-between stage. However, choosing one does require a bit more thought than most people consider necessary. There’s the question of security, economy, legal policies, and much more at play here. In case you are planning to rent a storage unit anytime soon for one reason or the other, check out these few things that everyone needs to consider first.


Every self-storage company will assure you that they have the best security possible in place to counter any threat to your valuables, but you need more than just a verbal assurance. So, how can you be sure that it’s safe? By ensuring that the company in question has the following points covered.

· Padlocks have hasps that can be easily cut off with a bolt cutter, so you need storage units with cylinder locks

· All units in the facility should have a system that records each and every time a unit is accessed

· All unit doors should also be fitted with top of the line alarms to notify security as soon as an unauthorized attempt is made to access any of the units

· 24-hour video coverage from multiple security cameras is a must

Rent Fluctuation

It isn’t uncommon for certain companies in the field to practice unfair means in order to extort more money from their customers. They lure you in with a low rent initially and then raise it after a month or two. To stop this from happening, see what their policy on changing rents is and if they assure you that this won’t happen, ask if they are prepared to give that assurance to you in writing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the rent will stay the same for years, but it should stay the same for at least 6 months to a year.

Climate Control

Weather conditions can degrade your wooden furniture over time if the storage unit does not have any means of climate control through air conditioning and heating. If what you are placing inside the unit is sensitive to climate changes and harsh weather conditions, you need to make sure that the particular unit you are renting is protected from the wrath of Mother Nature.


10 × 10 is the standard size for a general self-storage unit, but there are smaller ones available too and if you don’t really need the extra space, the 5 × 10 will do just fine. Make sure that you are not paying extra money for space that you don’t need. On the other hand, don’t try to stuff too much in a unit that’s too small because although you may save some money by doing so, you will probably end up damaging the very equipment you are paying to store.

Now that you know what to look for, the next step is to look for Los Angeles storage facilities at one of the various cost saving websites that offer promotions. You could use Sparefoot, Cubesmart or our favorite – Self Storage Finders that will checks all these boxes.

There are of course a few other factors like the insurance, moving costs and disassembly of your equipment so that they can be stored in the least amount of space, but those have little to do with choosing the storage unit itself.

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