Classic Style Tips You Need to Stop Ignoring


Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with your clothing, impress a love interest with your sense of style, or simply make your friends envious, the importance of good fashion advice is unquestionable. Unfortunately, there are a lot of classic fashion tips that a lot of men seem to be ignoring.

Of course, you should always go your own way if you want to be truly content. But here are a few classic fundamentals you should really focus on when it comes to fashion.


K.I.S.S. is timeless advice for many areas of life. It stands for Keep It Simple, Sir! (Actually, it stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid; but I don’t necessarily want to call you stupid. I don’t know you well enough.) So many people seem to think that getting really extravagant with their outfit is the best way to have attention drawn to your great fashion sense. Well, attention will certainly be drawn to your fashion sense, but the “great” bit might be questioned. You don’t want to overwhelm onlookers. Keep it simple – this tends to make you look much more stylish; it can also save you a bunch of money. Speaking of which…

Charity/thrift stores are amazing

Some people think that secondhand clothing could never be stylish. But there’s a reason Macklemore made a chart-topping rap song about the virtues of getting fashionable clothing for cheap at thrift stores. (And it’s very rare indeed that I invoke the name of Macklemore in any positive way, so pay attention.) It’s not even a case of buying something from a charity store and then pretending you didn’t; in fact, telling people you got it in such a store after being complimented on your clothing actually lends a little bit of a cool factor to you. That, and a little bit of envy; it makes the other person wish they’d seen the bargain before you did.


Some things never go out of fashion

Trends come and go. And then come again. And then go again. Some of them do eventually die completely, but in any case, it’s in their nature to be transient. Sometimes they’re actively designed that way to increase profits for fashion brands. Other times they were just ridiculous and people end up growing out of them. But there are many items of clothing out there that have truly stood the test of time, and for good reason. Chambray shirts, Harrington jackets, navy blazers, Wayfarer sunglasses, tench coats, the Breton stripe that James Dean made famous, and, of course, dark-coloured jeans – none of these items are going anywhere. It’s basically impossible for anyone to not rock these things.

Get a mentor

Don’t underestimate the power of a style mentor. We all have a friend who’s much more stylish than us. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help when it comes to dressing you. And while many of us are reluctant to listen to our partners when it comes to fashion (it kinda feels like our fashion is being dictated in order to impress their friends!), don’t just dismiss all their hints out of hand – they may be on to something every now and then!

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