Home Comforts: Coping With A Sick Child At Home

As a parent, it can feel utterly helpless when you have a child that is unwell. You feel there is nothing you can do about it, especially when you view the health of your family as a major priority. And it’s one of those things that is a fact of life, your child will get ill at some point, and it can feel unpleasant, but if you have yet to experience this scenario, there are a few ways to relieve the stress of it, for them and for you!


Be Truthful

Children appreciate honesty rather than you trying to sugar coat the situation. So instead of saying that everything is okay if they ask you a question where the answer isn’t going to be a straightforward one, such as if they are going to vomit again, you can explain that it is possible. But reassure them that you will be there for them if it happens and that you’ll do everything to make their tummy feel better as soon as it’s over.

Know When To Call For Help

You know your child better than anybody, and it can be frustrating to try and get a professional opinion by going to the doctors and queuing up for hours. But luckily there are more and more options for parents from their own home such as the GP at Hand app, which allows you to get a doctor’s opinion over the phone but “face to face.” So the doctor can see your child and speak to your child to get a well-rounded opinion and if the doctor has any more concerns you are able to take it further. The added benefit of this, of course, that when a child doesn’t feel well they are incredibly needy, so you are able to do all of this while comforting them in your own home where they feel as safe as possible. All you need is a spare hand!


Frame Of Mind Is Important

It’s one of the contributing factors that when a child feels under the weather that they can feel worse based on your reaction to the situation. So it’s important for you to maintain a positive outlook and directing your energies towards making your child feel as comfortable as possible during the illness then they will gain a lot of benefits. If you have any concerns yourself, it’s much better to voice these with other adults or professionals rather than towards your child, which can increase their anxiety.

Play Is Important

Even when your child isn’t feeling well, playing will help their state of mind much more and will prove to be a useful distraction from the illness. After all, playing is their instinctual pastime, so by encouraging your child to play, however minimal the play, is it will be great for their mood and yours too as you can feel helpless to an extent. By putting a smile on their face, it will help you get through the day. So if they are holed up in bed make a fort, get their toys, do whatever it takes!

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