Home Tech Irritations: How To Solve Them Quickly

So, someone put you in charge of the family technology! How did that happen? Whenever there is a problem with the technology around the home, you seem to be the one that gets the blame. If the central heating goes wrong or the security alarm keeps going off, you are expected to have all the answers. Whether you are the self-appointed or family-appointed tech guru of the house, you need to come up with swift answers to the family tech problems or you will soon lose your credibility!

Here are a few quick fixes for the most common family home tech problems that cause such a lot of frustration in homes all over the country.

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The Wi-Fi is poor or slow

For modern families, a reliable and fast broadband service is a necessity. The broadband probably enters your home by cable and is then distributed by a Wi-Fi router. The kids will want to use devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops in their rooms as they get older. However, every home has a Wi-Fi ‘black hole’. If this is one of the kid’s bedrooms then you are in trouble. 

You can tackle this by checking the speed of the signal entering your home with a speed test on your PC. If this shows that your speed is the same as advertised by your broadband provider, the next stage is to check out the Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi will struggle to travel through thick walls so you may need to reposition the router so that it serves all parts your home.

Plug-in boosters take the Wi-Fi signal via electrical cables and send it back out into the required the room. They do not cost a lot and look just like a large plug.

The TV sound is poor

Have you struggled to hear what is being said in an intimate moment of a movie? Do your kids keep begging you to turn it up but you worry that you will be damaging their ears. This is unlikely to be the result of a collective family hearing loss. It is far more likely to be due to the TV speakers. They are not always as good quality as the picture. You can quickly solve this and you don’t need a new TV. All you need is some TV speakers which will deliver high-quality audio without intruding into your living space.

The PC mouse won’t work

Just when the kids are trying to play their favourite game on the PC or are half way through their history homework, the cursor starts leaping around the screen. They get annoyed and refuse to use it and you are left trying to fix it. A wireless mouse can suddenly stop working but there is often a simple explanation. Start by checking that there is nothing stuck to the bottom of it. This is highly likely if your children have been eating snacks whilst using the computer. Next, try changing the batteries. Finally, try reinstalling the drivers on the PC.

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