Avoid These Costly Blunders When Buying Your next Car

Are you planning on buying a new car? There is nothing more exciting than seeing a brand new vehicle sitting in your driveway. However, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the smile remains on your face for weeks and months to come, you need to approach the car buying process the right way. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the common car buying mistakes you need to avoid.

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Forgetting about the insurance

Before you acquire a vehicle, you need to consider the insurance costs. There is nothing worse than buying a car, which fits into your budget perfectly, only to determine that insurance costs are extortionate. Do research online and consider the costs as a whole for a true reflection of how much you are going to need to pay per month.

Shopping only at one dealer

Research indicates that an alarming number of people only visit one dealership. It pays to look around. You never know; you may find the vehicle cheaper somewhere else, and your original dealer may be willing to lower the asking price as a consequence.

Assuming that buying a vehicle is the only option

There are many different ways you can acquire a vehicle. If your budget is limited, why not opt for leasing instead? By doing this, you will be able to get your hands on a vehicle you otherwise wouldn’t such as a luxury Land Rover or Range Rover. You will also be able to make manageable monthly payments, instead of paying a large lump sum upfront. This option is much more suitable for a lot of people, yet it is something they simply overlook. Give it a second thought before diving in and buying a car outright.

Not being prepared to walk away

One of your strongest negotiating tools is the sight of your back. So many dealers will tell you that the deal is only available for the next 72 hours, or something along those lines. This can make you feel that you have to make a snap decision, and this can often result in people saying ‘yes’ to the car simply because they are scared of missing out. In most cases, you will find that the supposed deal terms are a lie. If you pass the dealership a week later, you will see the offer in the window! Plus, there are so many other cars and dealerships so don’t worry about saying no.

Not knowing what you need

A lot of people purchase a car based on how it looks alone. This is a recipe for disaster. While no one wants to drive around in an ugly car, it is important to ensure that the vehicle is right for your requirements. What do you need the car for? Do you take a lot of long family trips? Are you looking for a cheap run-around to get you to and from work each day? Know exactly what you need before you go shopping to ensure you do not end up with a vehicle that is completely unsuitable.

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