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As a family we like being active, its not always easy getting the boys to leave their beloved PS4 but they soon feel better and enjoy themselves once they are out in the fresh air! Here are a few of our most favourite activities as a family, which always help coax the boy’s outdoors! Remember you don’t even have to spend much either, make the most of what you have on your doorstep.

We are big fans of geocaching, our children love the element of surprise – what will they find hidden in the cache! Sometimes it’s the most random of things but the boys usually find some little treasure they want to keep throughout the day! As a welcome bonus we have managed to get the boys to walk considerable distances whilst pursuing this activity so its great motivation to exercise.

We all now have bikes; luckily we have a big house so storage of them has never been a problem. If space is an issue don’t let it put you off just look out for a Brompton folding bike so you can still make the most of this activity wherever you live! We live in a beautiful rural area so there is no shortage of safe bike trails, we taught the boys to ride but my wife and I are both quite wobbly on our bikes so it will do us good to become more confident.

A scavenger hunt can be lots of fun, you can either make up your own or search online for a print out and then tick off things as you find them. It can be very educational as children learn the names of plants and wildlife. It makes a walk seem so much more appealing.

When the boys were younger they were also fond of my storytelling, we would head out on a “mysterious adventure” with wizards and giants and all kinds of interesting characters featuring, it was amazing how a little imagination can encourage children to keep walking!

Whether your off out geocaching, bike riding or on a scavenger hunt make sure you pack plenty of healthy snacks, because you won’t get far before the cries of “I’m hungry” start! But at least with these activities hopefully no one will be moaning they are bored.

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