Geocaching as a Family #geocaching

The weather forecast hasn’t been great over the last few days, disappointing considering its such a good weekend break with the two bank holidays. Luckily the boys had a really good adventure out on the Friday, however I was in the office.

So we planned a few things to do over the weekend while I was off to ensure they had plenty of outside time and limited screen time. So in between showers we managed to get some distance racked up around the garden on our bikes, but by the Monday the Mrs was frantic to get us further afield.

So we decided to rekindle a passion of ours, Geocaching.

For anyone not familiar with Geocaching, you can download the app on your phone, which allows you to see the Geocache. When you select a site the app will use GPS to guide you to a Geocache. When you find your cache there is a log book you can sign and some have small prizes, which the boys will look at and pick something out to keep, but always remember to leave gifts if you do take an item to ensure the next people get a chance to have themselves a prize!

What you will need:

  • Mobile phone with app installed (plenty of phone battery)
  • Pen
  • Handful of prizes (Things like moshi’s, small cars etc)
  • The will to walk and find!

Today we Geocached for around 4 hours managing to get around 7 miles of walking in, the boys didn’t moan about the walking as they where distracted by the finds (and Easter sweets we took to keep their energy levels up!)

The boys love the thrill of the hunt when the phone dings to notify us that the treasure is somewhere close, I took an added precaution this time as we knew we would be out of phone signal to screenshot clues given for each of the caches, just in case we where unable to find them.

We ended up finding nine caches in total this time, by far our best outing to date! We did upgrade the app at a cost of £4.63 for a month so it shows all of the locations which enables you to find more spots to go looking.

At the end of the day me and the Mrs love to walk and Geocaching makes this possible with kids as they know they have something to aim for, meaning we both have a nice peaceful walk!

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