Getting the best out of your Barbecue this summer! #BBQ #Summer

Well the sunny outlook for the weekend has been a great focus for me this week, nothing better than finishing a hard week at work with the knowledge of a well earned Barbecue, especially since its Fathers Day!

This year, I was lucky enough to get a brand new Barbecue from Debenhams so have I been avidly waiting for a gap in the weather to don my apron and pick up my Barbecue tools once again! Some people mock me that I prefer to cook on gas rather than charcoal, but I find there is no difference in taste but a lot of difference in set up time.

So how do you get the best out of your Barbecue?


I am sure it goes without saying that ensuring you have the best setup will make your like easier as the chef at a Barbecue. For me this usually means being able to cook for several adults and children, being able to lay out enough food at once to cook at the same time is an important factor when it comes to time management and a stress free experience!


The first few Barbecues I hosted was way back when I was young, but I had no equipment that you should have to make cooking that little bit slicker, all I had was a knife and fork! So in order to I would also suggest you have at least the basics, a large spatula and tongs.


We really throw the boat out when it come to catering for the occasion, we get only the finest burgers and sausages from our local butchers. Along with those two stand examples we usually through in some chicken and steak! You can really taste the difference between supermarket and a proper butcher!


Setting the mood is just as important as the physical side as your event, from ambient lighting to ensuring you have the best in the way of soundtracks. Making you sure are planning ahead for any late night session, having blankets and adequate outside heating.

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