From A Crumbled Abode To A Humble Abode

A house isn’t a home until it feels “lived in”. There’s something far more comforting about soft, inviting sofas than sleek, brand new leather ones. There’s also something far more homely about a child’s drawings plastered all over the fridge and hung up photos than a modern show home with bare white walls and glistening furnishings. Nonetheless, there comes a point at which homeliness crosses the border into the land of dilapidation and outdatedness.

When the once-vibrant colors start to fade and door handles start breaking, that’s when your charming and quirky abode becomes a crumbled and neglected abode. If you’re wondering how to return your humble house to its original state of cleanliness and modernity without losing the sentimental aspects which have turned it into your home then here are some top pieces of advice.

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Reinvent a neglected space

Perhaps it’s the garage, a spare room or even the attic; every home ends up with disused space over time. Perhaps old boxes, toys, clothes and other things you’ve “been meaning to get rid of” have ended up in this space over time, but it’s a waste of space. It adds to the clutter of your home, and you’re missing an opportunity to add a fresh spark of life to your property rather than letting it become messy and neglected. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You could turn a forgotten garage into an entertainment room, for example.

The family could have a place to play pool, board games or video games. You could even set up a proper home cinema to create a fun little relaxation spot away from the rest of the house. A little DIY never hurt. Better yet, you’ll relieve your living room and perhaps a few of the bedrooms of some of the toys, TVs, games consoles and other clutter building up there; now you’ll have a special room dedicated to entertainment. Just make sure you create shelving units and other storage compartments to keep the place organized and tidy. You can’t just move your clutter around, and you should still get rid of things you no longer need.

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Improve the kitchen

This should be one of the focal points of your house. If your kitchen is suffering then the entire home is suffering. It could make the world of difference to put some new paintwork on those old kitchen cabinets and get new appliances (preferably energy-efficient ones) to replace the rusty, slow oven or the old tea kettle. You could even look into companies such as Mole Valley Masonry to help spruce up your kitchen space with brand new and customized worktops, for example. The point is that the kitchen is the cornerstone of a comfortable home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on improving it, but it should be maintained practically and aesthetically.

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Improve the patio

Your garden is part of the home too, and a humble abode should have a humble, welcoming outdoor space. Creating a patio area full of creature comforts such as cushioned chairs, a dining table for summer barbeques and pretty plants could encourage you and your family to spend more time relaxing in the garden and admiring nature.

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