Getting Your Kids More Involved In Cars: Ways To Inspire Their Interest And Make Them Better, Safer Drivers


Everyone remembers what it was like when they were learning to drive. Some naturally acclimated to it, others have tried and failed their practical test many times. Some have seemingly endless bounties of help from their parents or friends while some have to achieve it for themselves. This is part of becoming an adult, and if you have kids, could become part of their rite of passage.

Keeping the best, most responsible attitude towards your children learning to drive will speed up what sort of drivers they are. Sometimes, teaching them yourself isn’t the best option. This article will explore the best ways any parents can set their child up for their driving career as well as they can.

Help Them Learn To Drive (But Be Careful)

As mentioned before, this might not be the best option depending on your driving ability and the relationship you have with your child. If they’re prone to get defensive in response to negative feedback from a parent (sometimes kids are just that age,) using a professional driving instructor can do wonders to improve their candour. 

However, you’ll need to learn to drive in an area that has virtually no traffic such as farming roads, because unlike a professional driving service, you won’t have the ability to control the vehicle from both sides. You’re also risking your car in a nasty accidental bump or scrape, so caution is heavily advised. However, if you trust the temperament of your child and their ability to quickly pick up the operation of your car, then go for it! This can help them learn faster and with lesser expense. Just be CERTAIN you’re not passing on any of your negative habits.

Teach Them The Basics of Car Maintenance

It’s instructive to bring your child onto your driveway and show them the basics of the engine, the transmission, the oil levels and how it all interlocks. You don’t need the deepest knowledge of how cars work to help them glean some knowledge from you here. You never know, this could help them out at a later stage in life, if broken down in an awkward position or simply teaching the same lessons to their children (providing we’re not all driving hovercars by that point!)

Help Them Budget Towards Purchasing A Car

You don’t need to buy your child a car to be a good parent, but you can help them budget for it, and encourage them to find a job to fund it. This is one of the best ways you can turn learning to drive into a rite of passage for them. It will feel much more satisfying when they pass their test knowing they studied for it and funded it largely by themselves. Even if you have helped them with the tutorials, allow them this small victory in pride so they carry that positive attitude into their candour on the road.

If you do purchase a car for them, just be sure to transport it using a professional service like the Shiply car transport service.

Also, be certain to instill the first priority of the road: safety. Safety, safety, safety. A happy driver is a responsible driver, so make sure you instill the driving principles in them now before they acquire any bad habits.

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