How to: Organise the Best Kids Birthday Parties

Over the years we have seen our fair share of Birthday Parties, with that much experience I thought it only right that I attempt to share with you my top tips to ensure a noteworthy bash for your kids!


This is where you get to set the scene for an awesome event, we have in the past used standard off the shelf invites, however I have recently discovered that you can get some awesome bespoke Birthday Party invitations online, I believe that giving bespoke invites shows you mean business with your party!


This has varied so much from quick and easy pop in the oven platters, to me slaving over a multitude of cupcakes ensuring they are all evenly decorated and looking beautiful! For me the best option here is to get someone else to do all the hard work, more recently we have drafted in my Brother in law, who in his own right is a chef! This allowed for us parents to have extra energy for the next segment!


Moving past the classic party games and into the realm of becoming the talk of the town, we have always attempted to try different things, one year I made so many balloon animals that I had blisters on my hand!. 

However my top three recommendations are:

  • DJ – the kids really went wild for the great music we were lucky enough to have held it outside in the glorious sunshine! We also had someone doing face painting and glitter tattoos.
  • Zoolabs – This was a very unique party for our youngest a couple of years ago, all of his friends were intrigued by the animals and all the awesome facts were very educational
  • Laser Tag – This is a great one to really tire all the kids out running around in teams shooting each other, with different team games it get them all thinking about strategy! It’s even more fun if you get camaflauged up with the proper gear and green and brown face paint.

Party Bag

And the piece de resistance is the party bag, you can usually shop around to keep the costs down, but you can easily get carried away here and spend a small fortune. We try and keep a balance within the party bag and not get too carried away, a couple of toys, some sweets and the mandatory slice of cake!

So if you are planning a kids party, I wish you luck and sympathise with the additional stress that it can cause! Pour yourself a large drink afterwards to celebrate surviving it.

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