Moving Home: 6 Tips For Dads To Make It Hassle-Free!

Moving home is a great time for your family as you start creating memories in a fantastic new home. But the moving part can be stressful if you don’t arrange it all correctly. You should remember to wait until it’s all gone through before you disturb your normal family life. You don’t want to have things in boxes for longer than you have to. Once it’s all sorted and you have the keys, here are six tips for dads to make moving home hassle-free!


Decorate before you move your belongings

One tip to make moving home hassle-free is to paint and decorate your home before you move your belongings in. You don’t want to end up getting paint all over your sofa, and it can be hard to paint around objects that are in the way. It’s also safer to have stuff like carpet sorted before you move everybody into the new family home. You should book professionals to come and fit flooring before you move your belongings in. Make sure you clean the home first so that it’s all sorted before you move everything in. Giving yourself time before moving belongings in will also allow you to consider exactly what you are doing with space in the new home. It will save you regretting making rushed decisions later!

Decide early what you are taking with you so you know what to buy

Another tip to make moving home hassle-free is to decide early what you are taking with you. That way, you know exactly what you need to purchase for your new property. Take a look at your current belongings and decide if they will make the journey. If you think some items such as your wardrobe are not in the best condition already, it might be worth buying new ones. You don’t want them to collapse when you get to your new home. Once you know what you need to purchase, you can go to the store to find, for example, new oak bedroom furniture sets for your room. You can give away any old belongings to charity, or ask the new owner if they want any of it.

Make sure you use sturdy boxes for your belongings

You should also be making sure you use sturdy boxes for the move if you want to protect your belongings. You need to find boxes which aren’t going to collapse halfway through the move. You should ensure you don’t overfill the boxes, as you may injure yourself if you can’t lift it. If you are using a removal company, they should have ones they can provide you to fill with your belongings.

You need to sort out bills when you first move in

Another tip for making moving home hassle-free is you need to sort out bills when you first move in. You need to make a record of what the water and electricity meters currently say so that you don’t get charged for the previous owner’s usage. Ring the companies straight away to set up an account so that they know when you moved in. You should also make sure any old accounts at your old address are closed. Tell them the exact date you moved out so they can send you a final bill.

Keep pets and children away on moving day

You should also remember to keep pets and children away on moving day if you want to make it hassle-free. It will make the whole experience a lot more stressful if you have to keep your kids busy while trying to unpack your belongings. You should send them to a friend or relative who can keep an eye on them while you concentrate on unpacking your belongings.

Look into hiring a van or find a removals company

Another thing you should do to make moving home hassle-free is ensure you have organised some way of moving your belongings. You may want to hire a van for the day to move your belongings to the new home. Or you may want to find a removals company to make the day run smoothly. You need to sort this sooner rather than later as they get booked up quick. As you can read about here, you should get three quotes from professional removal firms. Find out more about the firm and what they will be able to do for you; don’t just go for the cheapest option!

Remember to book off some time off work to help create the perfect home. Decorating and unpacking will take a good few days, so you need to be there in the day sorting it out with your wife.

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