How You Can Make 2017 the Healthiest Yet

With Christmas and the new year around the corner, thoughts might be turning to resolutions and all that you’d like to improve next year. You might just have some general bucket list goals that you’d like to achieve, as well as the standard things like weight loss or running your first 5k. If you are looking to make next year your healthiest year yet, then there are some things that will make a difference. You want to make sure that your goals are achievable. You will be much more likely to stick to them and actually see the results. So what are the best steps to take? Here are some ideas.



Stop Counting Calories

When you count calories, you can become a little obsessive. It is just a natural thing that happens. You check the label on everything. So for one thing, it often means you are eating more unhealthy and prepackaged foods. It also stops you from enjoying the food you are eating. Plus, not all calories are created equal. A Mars bar and a vegan energy ball could have the same amount of calories, but the latter would be so much better for you. So you want to make sure that you are consuming foods full of goodness, rather than counting the calories that they have.

Stop Smoking

Let’s face it, the science behind it is enough to make you want to quit smoking. Not to mention the cost of it all. So if you currently smoke, now is the time to stop. It will help your overall health, as well as appearance, no end. If you think that just stopping cold turkey might be too much for you, then you could consider vaping. It gives you the nicotine hit that you crave, but you don’t have the tar and harmful smoke that goes along with it. If you think that that might help you on your journey to quit, then it would be worth looking into a good eliquid supplier.



Do Exercise You Enjoy

You need to be realistic when it comes to exercise. There is no point in setting a goal of running a marathon, but you hate running. You aren’t going to stick to something that you don’t enjoy. So as long as you are exercising, it will make a difference what you choose. It could be something a little more social like Zumba or dance aerobics, or a personal sport like cycling. Just make sure that you enjoy it and then you can go from there.

Cut Out Refined Sugar

If you want to feel energised this new year. Then it will make a massive difference to cut out refined sugar. Too much sugar will give you an artificial energy boost. But it will be short-lived, and then you’ll be feeling low and have an energy slump. This will make you feel much worse that you did beforehand! So keeping your blood sugar level steady will mean you will feel so much more energised.

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