Staying Active At Any Age

We all know the benefits of keeping healthy. We’re told day in and out by the media that being lazy leads obesity, which leads to a whole host of daunting diseases. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the horror stories, but there’s no denying that an inactive daily routine can lead your body down a bad path and cause you health problems in the future.

In a world full of incredible technology, both in terms of sofas and beautiful wide-screen TVs, it can become almost impossible to maintain an active lifestyle; especially when exercise seems nowhere near as exciting as binge watching Netflix. Just because this technology is made available to us, however, it doesn’t mean we should be using it all day every day. Like most good things, moderation is key.

Of course, growing apathy makes sense with age, as life responsibilities such as the daily mundanity of going to work, looking after the kids, or simply doing the weekly shop, are all parts of our routine which eventually tire and wear us down. Often, it can seem entirely unappealing to do anything active when you get home, because you feel as if you’ve already been active all day. However, just ‘being on your feet’ isn’t enough to keep you from a sedentary lifestyle.

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So, what is the solution to an inactive lifestyle as you get older? I can tell you, from experience, that the answer doesn’t have to be ugly and boring. Exercise doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym or doing a marathon, if that idea terrifies and bores you to no end. There are funner ways to stay healthy and physically active; sport is one of them.

Golf is ageless.

Perhaps you’re about 2 years, or 2 decades, too late to try your hand at snowboarding or roller derby. You don’t have to throw in the towel just yet, however. Golf is one of the best sports for a family or group of friends of all ages. Unlike other overly-strenuous activities, golf doesn’t tax the body too heavily, but it does still keep you moving, keep your body physically strong, and maintain a focused mind.

It’s a game of skill and, because of this, it’s highly competitive. That’s why people of all ages are so addicted to the sport; the desire to master the sport makes it just as fast-paced as surfing or skiing, but perhaps in a slightly different way. Rather than pushing your body so hard that the health benefits of staying active are outweighed by the immense strain and pressure you’re placing on your body, it makes more sense to participate in a sport that actually makes you excited to stay active. Golf requires mental determination, and that remains an appealing skill whatever a person’s age. The body may tire, but the mind can stay strong.

Cycling is a great way to stay active.

When it comes to sports that keep your entire body working hard, your heart healthy, your mind focused and strong, cycling wins all the medals. It appeals to both the old and the young, because it is simplistic, yet highly rewarding in both health benefits and mere value of enjoyment. That’s why it may be the perfect sport for you, because you can do something fun with your kids – engaging in a sport they actually enjoy – whilst ensuring you’re not overworking your body. It’s the best of both worlds. Everybody has a fun time.

Some of the strongest athletes in the world engage in this sport, but that doesn’t mean you have to be neglected from it. You also don’t have to be discouraged by aches, pains or a sports injury brought about through age, because there are ways to relieve some of that pressure on your joints. The process of aging shouldn’t be a factor here, because we all age. That doesn’t mean we should stop being active, because our body doesn’t stop working the moment we start to tire. The key is to push yourself at a consistent rate, and work to keep your body well-maintained and healthy through good habits of eating, exercise and even physiotherapy.

Swimming is a more supportive form of exercise.

There’s a reason that both children and the elderly love to swim: the water is a highly supportive environment. Unlike other sports, swimming allows you a way to look after your body, keep everything moving and the heart pumping blood to the body, whilst not having to focus on supporting your own weight, as the water does that for you.

This will all help to tone your body and muscles, which you might have entirely dismissed as a possibility when you started to get older. Am I right? Well, if you wanted a way back to a healthier body, this is the way. You’ll keep your body flexible and active, reducing the possibility of joint pains, reducing stress and the risk of multiple diseases which come with age, and it reduces the impact on your body that you might experience with other strenuous, physically-taxing sports.

Yoga keeps the body healthy and supple.

There’s a reason that yoga has become such a global phenomenon. It’s appealing to all ages, because it keeps the muscles strong and the body flexible without overly exerting you in the process. It’s an exercise which requires little in your physical capability, but does wonders for you both mentally and in terms of relieving stress or pain felt across your body.

You might not be entirely sold on the idea, and I wasn’t either, but it’s great when you look at it from the inside. Compared to other sports, yoga is a heaven-sent activity. You get the benefits of exercising, namely in terms of your health, and you also get to stay active without having to run anywhere or do any of the heavy lifting that you would in the gym. Yoga is also a very casual sport, so you can take whatever you need from it to suit your needs.

Despite what you may tell yourself, or your kids, age doesn’t have to matter when it comes to fun sports that anyone, of any age, can play. Only you are stopping yourself from getting involved, because there are tame sports available to everyone.

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