Four easy ways to personalise your home

Whether you’ve just moved into a new house and you’re tired of staring at a blank canvas, or you’re looking at giving your interiors a re-vamp, it’s essential to add a hint of your personality to every room. Your home should reflect who you are, so why not add those little accessories throughout that will make it that idyllic safe-haven for you? Below are just a handful of tips on how to go about it in the simplest way possible:

1. Add some colour

The most obvious way to add some of your own character is to grab a paintbrush and get decorating. Colour is hugely important to the home, but it’s also an expression of your own specific style. Don’t be afraid of going bolder in some areas; a good way to put your own stamp on a place if this is a new home, is to paint the front door. It signals to the rest of the world that you’re here now and you do things differently from the previous owner.

2. Decorate the walls

If you like to change your interiors regularly, painting or wallpapering one feature wall in a striking pattern will have a dramatic affect that’s also incredibly easy to change in future. If you keep the rest of the walls neutral, you can bring out the colours in other ways, such as the sofa, soft furnishings and artwork. On your bare walls, you should always aim to have a few well-chosen accessories, whether it’s shelving or paintings. If there’s a photograph you love that matches the tones within the room, companies like can blow these up to larger sizes for you so that you can enjoy them each day.

3. The power of three

Speaking of accessorising, this is the next step towards a personalised home, but remember the golden rule: things work best in threes. A favourite strategy amongst interior designers is to use a cluster of three related items together, all at varying heights. It helps to build a little more depth into the room, and encourages the eye of the next person who walks in to follow a specific pattern. In this way, placing accessories in certain places, each with a matching colour that ties them together, helps to shape a room.

4. Work on the outdoors

Finally, it’s time to turn your attention to your outside space. Whether this is a small balcony or an extensive garden, there is always something you can do to turn it into an oasis of calm. If it’s the patio off a flat, look at hanging plants and bamboo screens to block out some of the city noise. If you have a large garden though, some plush furniture and an outdoor wood-burning fire will be able to turn it into a cosy evening spot.

You can check out some more top tips for adding those personal touches by clicking here. Do you have any tips of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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