7 Amazing Hobbies You Haven’t Got Yet

Have you hit the point in your life where the mandatory drink in the pub every Friday night doesn’t seem to cut the mustard anymore? You enjoy your man toys just fine, but you need something else. What you need is a hobby. Not just any hobby. Normal hobbies like sewing and cards aren’t what you crave, you need action and adrenaline so you feel alive! So get into some more active hobbies. Here are some that you need to try.


We’ll start light. Snowboarding is a sport that may look easy, but it requires balance and core strength. The great thing about snowboarding is that it’s a great excuse for a holiday. You can purchase snowboarding packages that can take you wherever you would want, France or Austria being a couple of places. You can work hard on snowboarding all day and then undo all that effort you made by drinking in the lodge bar.

Roller Derby

Have you seen “Whip It“? It’s that sport. A fun way to rollerskate. Roller derby is played competitively on an oval track with two teams of five skating in the same direction, and the team with the most points wins. There are other odd rules in there, but you pick them up as you are belting around the track.

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The old favourite. Live not too far from a beach? Then get down there and enjoy the best exercise while enjoying the fresh sea air. There aren’t many costs involved, but when you get the watersports accessories and the board, all you need is the means to get up early to catch the waves, but after a while it becomes so addictive that you’ll want to get up early.


Remember in “Batman Begins” when Bruce Wayne was approaching Lucius Fox for new Bat-toys? He said that they were for the purposes of spelunking. Put simply, it’s the exploration of caves. If you have the finances, then it is definitely worth trying. But the cost of getting the various pieces of equipment and protective clothing it can prove to be a costly hobby, which I guess is why Bruce Wayne can use it as a good cover story.

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“What?!” I hear you say, but hear me out. Golf is a very tranquil sport and may look out of place on this list, but as a hobby and a competitive sport, it offers a nice change of pace than the other heartracing activities. There are many gentlemen’s holiday packages where you can enjoy the benefits of plush greenery and peace and quiet.


Originating from hunting and combat, this is a hobby that requires skill, accuracy and will fine tune your focus. If you want to be Robin Hood (but without the American accent- ahem, Kevin!) then give this a go.


The stag party’s favorite pastime. Relatively inexpensive, you get to live out your army fantasies in a controlled environment. But get shot, and boy it’ll hurt for days, even though you’ve got safety equipment on!

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