When Adding Space To Your Home, Think Outside Of The Box (And The Walls)

Most of us could benefit from having a little extra space in our homes. It would be nice to have somewhere to put everything, instead of various items being unceremoniously dumped in hallways and in the corners of living rooms.

So what should we do if we want to add space to our homes? Let’s find out.

Raise The Roof

If your home is stuck in the middle of a city or in the suburbs, you might not have the ability to expand your house outwards. As a result now might be the time to think about expanding it upwards, Docklands-style. Two floors are good, but three floors are better, especially if you’ve already got a loft.


Loft conversions are usually quite simple and often amount to little more than putting floorboards down and decorating the room. But if you want something with a higher roof or a bit more substantial, you might consider having the entire roof lifted up, especially if your home has a small footprint.

Create A Pavilion

Pavilions are a great idea for people who live in grade II listed buildings. Thanks to lobbyists, like British Heritage, people who live in grade II listed buildings are forbidden from making alterations to their own properties. But they can get around this by adding bits, here and there, with permission, of course, from their gracious planning officers.


Pavilions are a great way to build extra space away from the main house if you want a separate area to work – like an office – or if you want a home gym. Stand alone pavilions can be built in the same style of the original house. But sometimes it’s nice to juxtapose styles, especially if you have a particularly old house. Modern versus old tends to work particularly well, especially in rural settings.

Build A Conservatory

Conservatories have a couple of benefits that are really hard to ignore. For starters, a good conservatory finally gives you a sort of inside-outside space, halfway between the serenity of your home and the chaos of the outside world. Anybody who has pets or kids will understand how important having somewhere like this is.


Second, conservatories are also great places to spend time when you want to have that outside experience, but it’s too cold to actually go outside. Many modern conservatories have highly energy-efficient roofs, meaning that they cheap to heat during the winter months.

Make Your Own Jewel Box

A jewel box is a little bit like a conservatory, attached to the back or the side of your home, but it’s a more permanent structure. As a result, you’ll have to spend a lot more time fiddling about with things, like planning permission. But once jewel boxes are constructed, they’re a great place to hang out. If you’re one of those people who loves the feel of traditional tea rooms, these are the extension for you. Jewel boxes can be filled with all sorts of antique furniture and seating, allowing you to relax and gaze out over your garden (and your duck pond) in style.

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