Winter is coming #winteriscoming

Yesterday I was pretty adamant winter was well and truly here, so much so I even went out and restocked our gas cylinder to ensure it was blissfully warm that evening, today on the other hand is quite a contrast it has turned out rather quite nice.

This meant I was able to make some last minute repairs to the exterior of our house ensuring we remain water tight throughout the colder months, this did get me to thinking we now need to start working on the interior design of our room once again, turning it into a winter wonderland (well making it comfortable for the long winter nights!)

And as ever I will want this redesign to be as frugal as possible, luckily there are plenty of articles out there to help you out. When you have decided on the much needed change remember to always search for discount code or vouchers to ensure you are getting the best deals possible! (I find My Voucher Codes the best for this)

So what look will I be going with this year?

Throws and Cushions

Adding a few colourful throws and cushion will add a much needed splash of colour on these drawn in nights, along with the added benefits of being able to drape a throw over yourself, ensuring that even when you are indulging yourself with some Game of Thrones you wont be feeling the bite of Winterfell’s snow. (Simply imagine the brownie points with the Mrs!)

Lighting and Fragrance

Pre-children, I really had no insight into the need for a candle for relaxation. Now we also have a big cold house the added feeling of warmth along with a nice slightly spiced fragrance a candle can produce means that setting a warm mood really is a must this winter for me!


We were total converts to wood flooring, however the big drawback is having to skip over the cold floor before finding yourself huddled on the couch, this year I am definitely going to invest in a thick warm rug! I know the Mrs will not be making a trip to the kitchen once winter is in full throw so I must ensure I make the trip to the kettle is as pleasant as possible. 

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