Redecorating Your Home for Winter 

cosy winter home redecorating

The warm nights of summer are long gone now, and the crisp fall air is welcoming families across the country into colder months. With Christmas and New Year on the horizon, it is no wonder that people are beginning to think of how they can redecorate their home in time for the celebrations. This is usually for both practical and decorative reasons, and it can be a fun time for everyone involved. It can also cost a lot of time and money if you don’t follow the right advice. Luckily, there is a multitude of tips you can use to inspire your new winter home. 

Change your color scheme 

If summer was a color, it would either bright and bold. When it comes to fall and winter, warm tones and burnished metals are the way to go. While you may not want to have a full redecoration, merely repainting your walls can bring a whole new look to a home. If you commit to lighter colors, you won’t need to worry about making another change for the summer months. However, you can swap small furnishings like cushions or blankets for those in warmer colors. Not only is this a truly cost-effective way of redecorating, but it takes little time and effort if you turn to the same timeless pieces year after year.  

Prioritize comfort  

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a plush sofa in front of a burning fire when the weather rages outside. If your home feels sparse and uninviting after summer, you will be pleased to know that upgrading its comfort levels is easy when you redecorate with soft furnishings and new furniture. For many families, investing a lot of money into redecorating can be a struggle, but there are numerous discount furniture stores in Atlanta to help you find something perfect at a fraction of the price.  

Use seasonal inspiration 

Winter is a time of fun and festivities. When you are hosting celebrations across the season, it would be wise to take some inspiration from big calendar dates. For example, you can hang up temporary decorations in December to celebrate Christmas, such as stockings and string lights. To cover all areas of your redecoration across the winter months, you can use warming scents like clove, orange, and cinnamon in handmade candles. When they burn, they will fill each room with beautiful scents, which will complete your new home.  

Focus on the small details  

When people are redecorating, it is easy to forget that the small details are what matters most. Often, you may miss out personal items and handmade trinkets when you are so focused on creating a brand-new look. Once you have painted your walls and draped soft furnishings over your furniture, you should make sure to bring family photographs, children’s artwork, and family heirlooms back into your space. Not only will this help it look more welcoming, but it adds the perfect family touch to your living space. In many ways, this helps set the tone for the rest of the season, where the entire family can enjoy the redecorating you have done.

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