Getting Fit! #workingout


Getting fit has always rated high on my new years resolutions, however I never seem to be able to quite stick it out (or really get started), but I do plan on getting a little extra help as I now have some down time away.

Recently I have been having to travel regularly to London, and of course without the two little monsters to run around after I have been finding myself content to get some rest and relaxation in between the 5 hour commute each way!


The main drawback other than missing my family is the little extra weight I seem to have been piling on, which has crept up in a relatively short amount of time! Its quite clear that I am in need of some help from a professional (especially since I cannot stick to an exercise regime myself)


I do feel I would benefit greatly from some personal training in East London while I am there, giving me some extra support and motivation, to ensure I am pushing myself to a fitter me, at least I will be utilising this new spare time I have.


To be fair if I am being truthful I have become so unfit, which leads me to fell too embarrassed to just rock up to a gym on my own and start to work out, for one I would not have a clue where to start, so to save me from this dreaded feeling I am drawn even closer to getting a Personal Trainer London.

Hopefully after a few sessions they will be able to get me on track and I will be confident to start to work out locally, I really want to go back to the feeling of enjoyment that I always used to get out from a good old fashioned workout!


So here is to the fitter, stronger and happier me!

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