The world of online dating #date

Over the last decade there has been a massive change when it comes to dating, with less emphasis on hitting the club hard to find your ideal match. (usually ending up with a heavy hangover and some deep regrets!). For me I met the Mrs online in the virtual world, Azeroth (World of Warcraft). I was a tanking warrior and she was a healing priest, and the first tiem we met was in a dungeon Uldaman.

Meeting like this still isn’t really the conventional way, but you do see many more stories nowadays starting like this and within the year we were married and expecting our first child!

With technology, apps and websites abound, I do worry for my two boys and how they will end up finding the “one”, but with age on there side I am sure they will be able to transverse this brave new world successfully.

But what happens if you find yourself over the age of 50 and looking for love? What options are available and how can you learn this new art of online dating?

Luckily there are websites out there specifically geared up for this age group such as, this site boasts over one million active members, they also have many ways for you to search for your Mr or Mrs right.

Now I know most over 50 will be computer literate but on the other hand I am sure plenty are not, what I like about this site is they have kept things easy, and accessible. They have even written a few quick guides in their blog, like how to write the perfect profile for men and how to keep looking fabulous at fifty.

I truly think they are doing something great to encourage any lonely over fifties to put themselves out there in the online world!

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