Top Tips For Party Planning #party

In a few years I will have to plan for a special birthday for the Mrs, in preparation for this big event I want to make sure I don’t miss a trick when event planning.

So here are my top tips to ensure your party run smoothly and is the talk of the town for years to come, or in the words of the boys it is simply “swag”.


First things first, you need to set a budget for the event. You cannot start planning the event of a lifetime until this first simple step is put in place, by having a set budget it will allow you to improve on negotiations and also ensure you don’t run a muck with your personal finances.

Guest list

Once the budget is set you can then start planning how many guest can attend your special event, remember all guests are different and will have their own requirements (whether it be with food or simply the fact they prefer to talk than dance), so ensure you have a handful of guests is each category to ensure they have lots in common.


The ideal option for finding a suitable location is using a Venuefinder, allowing you to simply search both the UK and international sites. With filters that narrow down the results to the party’s maximum guest list, your be able to find your location in no time.


There is nothing more fun that setting a theme for your party, your can choose from a multitude of options from Apocalypse to 1940’s. What ever you decide ensure you incorporate it all into you invitation and clearly state there is a dress code.


Food and drink is one of the most important aspects of a party, ensure they fit in well with the theme you have picked. Presentation is key when it comes to giving a wow factor, I was always opt for a sweets table too, they always go down well with party goers both young and old! I am pretty sure the Mrs will appreciate a cocktail menu featuring high on the list.


Setting the mood for the night is very important, decisions need to be made in the form or hiring a live band or DJ, too simply making you own mix for the night, both having their own merits remember to brush up on your dance moves either way,


Along with the music its important to remember to give your guests that little extra to do, photo booths offer a fun selfie session or two. Giant board games such as chess or checkers can also be a good talking point. There are lots of party entertainment ideas to pick from ones, perhaps early on in the night some games to break the ice could prove beneficial. 

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