Creative Children’s Party Ideas

Children’s parties are a fun and exciting time, but it can sometimes be difficult to make sure you child’s isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Choosing a theme can be a great way to add a bit of personality and joy into the big day. Here are our favourite themes with some great party ideas:

For Younger Children:

Teddy Bear Party

Such a cute theme for little kids, a Teddy Bear Birthday Party! Instead of party bags, provide each child with a new bear. Provide clothing and accessories to dress up their new toys, and let them personalise them. Arrange bear related activities, such as hide and seek, bear colouring in sheets, ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ nursery rhymes and pin the tail on the bear! Serve bear themed foods, with billy bear sandwiches, gummy bear sweets and a bear shaped cake. Everyone will leave with a bear and lots of happy memories.

For Active Kids:

Football Party

For football mad kids, you have to have a soccer themed bash. Ask all the children to come in football outfits, and arrange a kick around. Provide football awards and trophies as gifts instead of party bags, but make sure no one gets left out. Food has to be football related, with everyone round and a big football shaped cake. Dress up as the referee and keep an eye out for any foul kicks!

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Army Drill Party

If your child likes military and army toys, arrange an army drill party for them. Provide face paints and camouflage gear to get them all in the mood. Act as a drill sergeant and pre-plan some activities and exercise routines they have to do. Set up a scavenger hunt or obstacle course in the garden to wear them out, and end with army rations served from canteens.

For Book Lovers:

Story Character Party

If your child loves reading and stories, invite their friends round for a Story Book Party. Tell all the children to come dressed as their favourite character, and make the others guess who they are. Ask the adults to bring old books and have a swap, encouraging them to read new things and explore new genres.

For Creatives:

Rainbow Party

A rainbow party is a great idea for a creative and colourful child. Choose decorations in bright colours, and display them across your whole house. You can’t decorate this party too much, and more is definitely better. Use food colouring to dye the food different colours, with jellies and rainbow cakes available.

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Craft Party

If your kid loves to make things, a creative craft party is an ideal choice. Stock up on craft projects, and set up different tasks over the rooms. Make sure there is enough for everyone to try them all, to avoid kids missing out on the favourite crafts. Buy ceramic kits that air dry, and decoupage projects to decorate trinket boxes that they can take home.

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