Update your room with Scandinavian Prints #art

We still have so many rooms in the house needing updating (well some quite frankly need a complete refurbish!) this weekend I decided to try and tackle the kitchen, which I must admit only involved minor hole filling and repainting.

I was happy with the final results but, the room was lacking something, character! Luckily I had received a perfectly timed delivery of art prints from Desenio which would inspire the room perfectly. 

I actually cannot quite believe how the space has been transformed. By painting the room there was a noticeable difference it became a brighter experience, however it was left feeling like an empty shell. I am happy to say that by hanging these prints it has positively changed the whole mood of the room and as it is me that spends the most time there, it has given me a much needed boost in the kitchen!

I was so over the moon with the end results and by how simple the transformation was, I decided that both of the boys should have a treat (and experience the same uplifting feeling). With such an immense range of posters online it was not hard to find two to suit each of my boys personality, eldest still has a love for rabbits, however he is slowly becoming his own person (well more like has some teenage angst!)

and youngest is fond of Lion’s both of their chosen animals of course match their personalities to the letter!

Not only is there a great choice of posters and prints but there is also an extensive array of frames, from wooden ones to black, whatever you are trying to achieve can be met with many options, from size to colour. 

Why not try it yourself and give one of your rooms an uplift, see all frames online and give your room some much needed TLC now!

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