Top 5 Ways to break up long journeys #roadtrip

Having been on several trips away over the last month got me to thinking about how we break up such long journeys, two of the trips were over 5 hours each way, that is a lot of time to fill, especially for the kids!

I have already discussed my longing for my own music to listen to but with the boys wanting the top pickings on journeys it tends to drag out the road trip that much longer!

On this last trip we decided to have a travelling back day rather than squeeze in that extra thing to do, which actually made for a much more pleasant drive. With that and implementing these tips the 256 miles just flew by!

1) Registration Plate Sandwiches

The boys love to make different, and quite frankly strange concoctions for sandwiches. By using the last three letters of car number plates. Eldest kept to a more sensible approach and made a sea food one, Crab Lobster and Squid, while youngest (I am sure egged on by the Mrs) was more content with the grotty ones Bogey, Brain and Armpit!

2) Stop Off Points

Usually we are in a dire rush, but we always try and fit somewhere in to stop around the halfway point, on many occasions its been Hatton Park, so we can get out of the car and stretch our legs and refresh for the remainder of the journey!

3) Singing to Music

A must have on any long road trip, a good old fashioned sing song! Its definitely a great way to turn the kids (and the Mrs) away from the travelling blues! Most of the time it leads to a great in-depth debates to what the actually lyrics of songs.

4) Guessing Games

We play a few guessing games on a journey. Two of the boys favorite is guess the Animal where we all have to ask a yes or no question to decipher which animal one of them are thinking of, the other favorite is guess the colour of the next car that passes, one that can only be played on quieter roads!

5) In Car Bingo

You have to come prepared for this one, create some pre-printed bingo sheets of things you might see on a road trip, ticking them off as they are seen, the first to tick them off is the winner! For us the prizes range from a travel sweet to the pick of the next song!

If these tips don’t help you to distract your children on long journey’s then you could always go to a fail safe and break out a screen or two (although ours don’t travel too well if they look at a screen!)

Let me know if you have any other ideas for breaking up long trips as we are always keen to try to distract the boys in other ways!

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