Smart Projects for the Front or Side of Your Home


Pic by Lance Roggendorff

Whether or not you have a large home, you want to use all the available space to its full potential. Many homeowners have space at the front or side of their home, which they may or may not be using. Perhaps you use it to park your car or you have a lawn. However, if you’re not doing much with it or you want to change it, there are several things you can do. A little extra space around your property could become somewhere to play basketball or even allow you to expand one of your property’s rooms. If you’re wondering what to do with yours, consider some of these options.

Create a Garden or Yard

A yard space or garden at the front of your house can improve its curb appeal. You can also use space at the side of your home to grow some plants. However, you need to make sure they get enough sunlight. You might want to put in a lawn, either to maintain as an aesthetic feature or to use. It could be for your kids to play on, or somewhere for you to sit on a sunny day. Perhaps you would rather grow some flowers, which could be either side of a beautiful path. You don’t have to have something that needs a lot of upkeep.

Install a Driveway

If you don’t already have somewhere to park your car, or you use your garage, you could put in a driveway. You might be able to find space for one or two cars at the front or side of your property. Even if you already have a driveway, you could consider replacing it with something more modern. You could consider resin bound driveways if you want to use a permeable surface. Before you do anything, check to see if there are any regulations you need to follow to create a driveway that connects with the street.


Pic by Lian Chang

Build a Porch or Veranda

Some people like to sit outside and watch the world go by. If you want to enjoy the sun you get at the front of your house, you might wish to install a porch or veranda. You can have somewhere to relax when the weather is fine. If you socializing with your neighbors (or being a bit nosy) it’s the perfect place to be. You could put one together yourself, but if you’re uncertain, it’s better to get someone professional to do it.

Extend Your Home

If you have a room at the front or side of your house that you would like to expand, you could use the outside space. Although it could be a big project, the time and money you put into it could be worth it. You might want to put in an extra bathroom at the side of the property or have a larger family room.

Don’t let the space you have around your property go to waste. Give it a new purpose to make the most of it.

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