Simple Ways To Involve Your Kids In Your Wedding Day

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In the past, weddings have not always been the most child-friendly celebration. With long ceremonies, alcoholic beverages and receptions that last till the early house, it’s not hard to see why. While some of these wedding day aspects still remain, weddings are more child-friendly than they used to be. This is partly due to more children being present on their parent’s wedding day. Engaged couples with children, naturally want them to be involved in this momentous occasion as much as possible. If you want to include your children in your wedding celebrations, here are some simple but effective ways you should consider.

Get them to make a toast

While toasts are usually left to the best man and the groom, why not get your kids to make one of their own. But instead of reading from a script, why not make it more fun and exciting for them. They could do a dance or sing along to one of your favourite songs. Or they could tell jokes or do impressions. This can be something you can help them practice and plan before the wedding, which will make them feel more involved. Try to play to their strengths and interests to keep them focused and enthusiastic. Also, think about what clothing they need to wear for their performance. Look for boy’s designer shirts or girl’s fancy dress costumes that are suitable and comfortable to wear.

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Let them get creative

If you are having a DIY wedding, there should be plenty of things your kids can help you create. This will not only let you spend some time together but also allows you both to get creative. You could get them to help you decorate paper table or venue decorations. Or they could do a drawing which you could use on your save the date or thank-you cards. They can even give you a hand decorating your wedding cake or cupcakes for the wedding favors. You should always choose age-appropriate tasks for them to complete, but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. What’s more important is that their creativity and personality shines through.

Katie from said “I think this is a great idea, kids love being creative and artsy and giving them the opportunity to create something for your big day will help them appreciate it too.” 

Create a kid’s corner

There will be parts of your wedding that are a bit boring for your children. So why not ask them to help you create a fun kid’s corner. This can be a place in your venue that they and any other children at your wedding can escape to. Ask them what kind of fun things they might like to be included. A drawing area, outdoor games and a scavenger hunt are all popular and child-friendly choices. You may also want to think about hiring an entertainer or child minder to ensure everyone is having fun. Consider making an indoor fort or pitching a tent outside to act as the perfect venue for your kid’s corner.

Having your children with your on the day of your wedding is a wonderful thing. No matter what age they are, there are plenty of ways you can keep them involved throughout your big day. So use these ideas or get creative and think of your own. The possibilities are endless.

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